We, tamagoPURiN, create our works with the art of the entertainment for family.

The theater makes you remember your feelings back, and it feeds your imagination.

In this work, we tried expressing unlimited minds which have various ways of fun for joy and happiness.

We believe that the theater gives new discovery for adults and fresh for kids.

We hope you enjoy and get actual feeling of fun about the theater through our show.

SAIAIRecipe of shakspear's

written and directed by Takurou Suzuki


Our show includes music and dance which make it colorful and powerful.  

Costumes are also vivid. Its visually fun.

The story is made for family. It will give you a lot of laugh and feelings.


2011.JAN     performance “SAIAI Recipe of Shakespeare's

         @Sengawa Theater.

2011.JUN     performance “SAIAI Recipe of Shakespeare's

         @Shinjyuku TIny Alice then we got   awords Grand prix and Audience aword.

2011.NOV     performance “SAIAI Recipe of Shakespeare's

         @University of Gakusyuin.

2012.MAR     performance “SAIAI Recipe of Shakespeare's@Simokitazawa of Tokyo then we   got aword Excellent prize at Young Director Contest.

2012.MAR     performance “SAIAI Recipe of Shakespeare's

         @kouenji of Tokyo then we got

                         aword Excellent prize at SUGINAMI Drama Festival.

2011.JUN     performance “SAIAI Recipe of Shakespeare's

         @Elementary school.


A girl was standing by the road. She was in the sorrow of her mother’s death and some relationships with her friends and all. She has been sure to follow her mother. Then, suddenly “vegetables” came out from underground

This is the beginning of this story, the meeting between a girl and vegetables in loneliness.

“How can be beautiful? How can we be not hated by people who hate us?”, vegetables asked her.  And she applied instead of silence, thus she served her having book, a Shakespear’s play for her team at school.Vegetable began studying human’s heart with Shakespear and finally they acted on it with a girl..


Tomoki Ishii  

Kyoko Ichihira  

Miki Kawagoe  

Chieri Sibata

Saori Nakai 

Sanka Motoyama 

Yuri Shimizu 

Yuko Asai 

Chihiro Hirai 

Takurou Suzuki

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